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Lectures: Corporate Finance: Related_web_links
  1. Chapter 1 - Finance and the Financial Manager
    All kinds of finance-related sites
    News about financial management
    Careers in finance for the finance major and the financial manager
    Links to all kinds of finance sites

  2. Chapter 2 - Present Value and the Opportunity Cost of Capital
    How to calculate present value
    How to use an Excel spreadsheet for present value calculations
    Understanding the concepts of present and future value
    Different interest rates for a variety of purposes, and some calculators

  3. Chapter 3 - How to Calculate Present Value [Up ]
    Calculators for evaluating financial decisions of all kinds
    More calculators, concepts and formulas

  4. Chapter 4 - The Value of Common Stocks
    All kinds of information for evaluating stocks
    Information about Nasdaq traded stocks
    Learn about stocks on the New York Stock Exchange
    Valuation information from Zacks

  5. Chapter 5 - Why Net Present Value Leads to Better Investment Decisions than Other Criteria
    An excellent article showing how capital budgeting is used in decision making
    Evaluation of a sample energy-saving project
    How net present value analysis helps answer business questions
    Using NPV as an optimizer in trading off pollution impact

  6. Chapter 6 - Making Investment Decisions with the Net Present Value Rule [Up ]
    A sample case looking at an acquisition
    All kinds of information and tools for NPV analysis
    Evaluating firms on an NPV basis

  7. Chapter 7 - Introduction to Risk, Return and the Opportunity Cost of Capital
    Calculating the cost of capital with a risk premium
    Another approach to calculating cost of capital
    The Economic Value Added approach
    A good article comparing value added to cash flow and risk

  8. Chapter 8 - Risk and Return
    BARRA’s equity risk data
    Historical information on risk and return
    Interesting topics on risk from Professor Will Goetzmann at Yale
    Use this NYU site to download historical data on market risk and return
    Risk and return in capital markets
    A great site with many free risk analysis tools

  9. Chapter 9 - Capital Budgeting and Risk [Up ]
    Forecasts and data for corporate risk measurement
    Some sources of risk as identified in the Indian market
    Risk management for corporations
    Project risk and project financing
    Professor Gordon Bodnar has several excellent papers on risk and corporate project management

  10. Chapter 10 - A Project is Not a Black Box
    What happens to firms that make bad project decisions
    Try the on-line demo here to see how good business judgement has to create the cash flow projections
    Insights into costing from Professor Campbell Harvey

  11. Chapter 11 - Where Positive Net Present Values Come From
    Maximizing present value in information technology projects
    See the report about value-increasing and value-decreasing factors within a firm
    Web site for the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
    Tax rules for businesses affecting cash flows can be found here

  12. Chapter 12 - Making Sure Managers Maximize NPV [Up ]
    Chief Financial Officer Magazine. Find news on what motivates managers
    A bibliography of research on motivating managers to maximize firm value through effective contracting
    A Wall Street Journal feature describing pay linked to Economic Value Added

  13. Chapter 13 - Corporate Financing and the Six Lessons of Market Efficiency
    Breaking news affecting business.
    Fortune magazine’s online news.
    Business Week Online
    Wall Street Week’s Featured Corporations

  14. Chapter 14 - An Overview of Corporate Financing
    Annual reports on 1000s of companies on line.
    Detailed information on 18,000 companies
    Financial information on all kinds of companies
    The corporate finance network
    Information about corporations and corporate financing

  15. Chapter 15 - How Corporations Issue Securities [Up ]
    Standard and Poors Corporation provides information on rating security issues.
    Information on registration of new securities offerings
    List of new IPOs
    The changing mix of corporate financing
    The role of the proxy statement in investor relations

  16. Chapter 16 - The Dividend Controversy
    BARRA’s dividend analysis and directory
    Guide to understanding financial data in an annual report from IBM
    Professor Campbell Harvey’s notes on dividend policy
    Information about stock dividends during the last year and a discussion of cash versus stock dividends
    Information about dividend reinvestment plans

  17. Chapter 17 - Does Debt Policy Matter
    Standard and Poors rates firms according to their overall financial health.
    How corporate bond ratings are established
    Corporate performance diagnostics

  18. Chapter 18 - How Much Should a Firm Borrow [Up ]
    Information on bond ratings from a variety of sources
    How investors value firms, and how debt plays a role

  19. Chapter 19 - Interactions of Investment and Financing Decisions
    Venture capital as a source of project financing
    Sources of funding for growth
    A look at the balance sheet and how its components are related
    The corporate monitoring project engages you to make sure firms make good decisions
    View the specialized reports section of this site to see how capital and investment are interrelated

  20. Chapter 20 - Spotting and Valuing Options
    The Chicago Board of Trade has information, simulations, and product descriptions on options and futures.
    The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is a major center for options and futures trading.
    Free information sources center for commodities, options and futures.
    This is a web site that analyzes options data from the major commodity exchanges and includes such things as historical implied volatilities and volatility skew graphs. It also has a comprehensive online pricing function.
    Information about financial derivatives of all kinds

  21. Chapter 21 - Applications of Option Pricing Theory [Up ]
    Tick data on a variety of contracts, including simulations and other information.
    Alternative option pricing model.
    Download demo versions of software tools for calculating option values and margin account balances.
    The real options approach to valuing projects

  22. Chapter 22 - Warrants and Convertibles
    The demo portion of this site shows how to value warrants
    Worldwide warrants from Societe General
    Definition of convertible securities and links to sites tracking convertibles
    analysis of the performance of convertible bonds relative to other asset classes

  23. Chapter 23 - Valuing Debt
    See "Valuing Debt" on this page
    All about bond pricing
    A look at the yield curve, updated daily
    Professor Pamela Peterson’s bond value calculator
    Another bond valuation calculator

  24. Chapter 24 - The Many Different Kinds of Debt [Up ]
    See the "Types of Debt" topic for descriptions of many debt instruments
    A wealth of information about the debt markets
    Information about the debt markets
    Understanding corporate bonds
    A menu of choices for corporations issuing different kinds of debt

  25. Chapter 25 – Leasing
    Corporate lease analysis. This product is for sale, but the site has insightful examples and a free demo.
    guide to leasing decisions
    The basics of leasing from the Online Women’s business Center
    The Equipment Leasing Association

  26. Chapter 26 - Managing Financial Risk
    Risk management lab at the University of Texas
    Risk management lab at University of Toronto
    Information about swaps
    Discussion and links on the topic of corporate risk management
    One company’s approach to making managers manage financial risk

  27. Chapter 27 - Managing International Risks [Up ]
    The Chicago Board of Trade’s information center on managing European foreign exchange risk with Euro contracts.
    MATIF is the French futures and options exchange and offers investors products such as Stock index, interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodities. The web site has historical data and statistics
    The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) is Europe's premier financial derivatives exchange and the third largest futures and options exchange in the world.
    Issues in currency risk management
    Country risk rankings and risk management

  28. Chapter 28 - Financial Analysis and Planning
    This site has tax information for businesses as well as sources for start-ups to get help in financial planning.
    Banking Strategies Magazine has articles about financial analysis and planning
    How investors use financial analysis to value firms
    Basics of financial analysis, tutorials and tools

  29. Chapter 29 - Short Term Financial Planning
    Business Finance Magazine has resources and software reviews for financial planning
    Financial planning resources of all kinds
    Information for the treasury manager
    Many short term financial management resources on this page
    Financial analysis tools

  30. Chapter 30 - Credit Decisions [Up ]
    Useful tips and online resources for credit management
    The premier guide to corporate credit decisions
    A discussion of the credit scoring process
    National Association of Credit Management

  31. Chapter 31 - Cash Management
    Guide to preparing a cash flow forecast
    First Union’s quarterly magazine with a focus on cash management
    A guide to improving cash management
    automated collection systems for cash management

  32. Chapter 32 - Short Term Lending and Borrowing;
    Short-term financial management tools
    RMA’s guide to evaluating short-term financial decisions
    Guide to the prime rate
    Short term investment and money fund rates

  33. Chapter 33 – Mergers [Up ]
    Information about mergers and acquisitions

  34. Chapter 34 - Control, Governance and Financial Architecture
    The Corporate Governance Network
    Chief Financial Officer magazine
    Active corporate governance strategies

  35. Chapter 35 - Conclusion - What We Do and Do Not Know About Finance
    Downloadable research from the finance faculty at Berkeley
    The very extensive site from Ohio State University with research papers and links to many other sites
    Financial markets research center at Vanderbilt University
    CNN financial news – what’s happening in finance right now?
    AICPA’s guide to the "new finance" for financial managers
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